Volunteers offer invaluable support to CCAR.  They work with alpacas, horses, cats and staff on weekdays and weekends.  They learn and serve a vital role in animal care, help with education and outreach activities and have fun! Before you start, you are required to attend a Volunteer orientation.

Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering by emailing: ccar@alpacarescue.org

Volunteer time at CCAR can be used to satisfy community service hours required for high school graduation. Volunteers must be at least 12 years old, unless accompanied by a parent. Parents of youths under the age of 12 must work alongside their child and supervise them.

  • No alpaca or horse experience is required.
  • No pre-registration for orientation is required.

A Volunteer application and release form need to be completed at the orientation.  Youths under the age of 18 will need a parent’s signature on the forms as well as their own to begin volunteering. Both completed forms are required before you begin volunteering.

Why Volunteer at Cross Creek Alpaca Rescue?

  • To help animals in need.
  • To help make a difference.
  • To enjoy the companionship of others.
  • To meet others who share similar interests.
  • To enhance your skills and build your resume.
  • To earn community service hours needed for graduation.
  • To be a leader working to prevent neglect and abuse of animals within your community.
  • Because you love animals.
  • Because you have free time.
  • Because you have knowledge and talents to share.
  • Because you want to teach others the value of giving.

Very Special Thank You To:

Mark Randall –  For your expertise and wisdom in designing our logo.

Scott Stevens – For your insight and astute knowledge in setting up our website.

The Glover Family – For your unconditional love and support.

Joe & Shari Teller  – For the selfless giving of your knowledge and unwavering support.


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